Mood's Control Site puts control of your ProFusion devices at your fingertips.

Some of the features of the Control Site include:

  • Device connectivity status dashboard on the Home page.
  • View detailed status per device such as what song played last.
  • Block specific songs or artists from playing.
  • Listen to samples of the songs in your programs.
  • Create and edit daypart schedules.
  • Create override daypart schedules for holidays or special events.
  • Manage overhead and on-hold messaging, even upload your own messages to play.
  • Manage multiple devices easily with Groups.
  • Administrative features such as user management to create additional Control Site users, designate specific locations users have access to, and inactivate users.
  • Run reports to view network configuration, connection data, get playback affidavits of messages played, and much more.
For more details including links to tutorial videos and the Mood Control Site User Guide, see the Getting Started section on the Home page.